Lebanese, classic, exile, discreet, white, opulence, minimalist, so many labels that continue to stick to him, but who is really Joseph Karam? Forty years spent reinventing himself, there are many facets to his personality, depending on whether you meet him in the warm light of the Côte d’Azur, in a temple of classicism in Moscow or in the ethereal atmosphere of his Paris home. The simplest way to discover him, remains to retrace his journey.

Born in Lebanon, Joseph Karam completes his Interior Architecture studies in Beirut, before settling in France. His creative vision is already evident in his Diploma project. Intelligent furniture, hidden technical parts, home automation, he infuses in his creations a futuristic optimism aimed at the wellbeing of the user.

Throughout the years, Joseph Karam, a true anti-conformist, diversified his inspirations and developed his own style, an elegant authenticity that transcends the trends and confirms his tenure among renowned Interior Architects.

Today, he is surrounded by around fifty Architectes DPLG, Interior Architects and Designers, in five agencies in Paris, Nice, Beirut, Monaco and Moscow.

He and his team conceive eclectic worlds for their international clients, where aesthetics, comfort and luxury live side by side. He undertakes complete project, from conception to construction, from foundations to teaspoons in the drawers.